Why Modern Medical Gas Outlets Are Superior To Their Older Predecessors

Gas outlets are an invaluable tool in many medical environments from surgical theatres to hospital rooms and even many local physicians and independent medical centers. Their evolution over the years has allowed for the availability of much-needed medical gas to patients in all sorts of conditions and has saved countless lives. If your medical center hasn't updated its medical gas outlets for some time, then you should consider upgrading them in the near future. Here are a few ways in which medical gas outlets have become even more useful over the last few decades.

Easy To Identify

Virtually all medical gas outlets are now color-coded which allows for instant identification by all medical personnel who are in the area. In a lot of life-and-death circumstances, these few seconds saved can make the difference. They are also generally positioned in very easy-to-see places, with nothing obstructing their view or in front of them at all. If your layout does contain some obstacles that you would have to clear before accessing the medical gas outlets, then you could be breaching medical guidelines.

Very Quick Response

As technology has gotten better, the response time in medical gas outlets has also increased and their actual function has gotten a lot simpler. This means that they only require brief training for everyone in the area to understand exactly how they work and know how to use them if required. The air, nitrous, or suction is virtually instant, whereas in the past there was sometimes a delay. There are also far fewer problems with the construction quality of new gas outlets, thanks to an upgrade in manufacturing quality and materials used. Modern medical gas outlets almost never break down.

Integrated Systems

Modern medical centers are trying to be as interconnected as possible so that if anything problematic happens, there is an immediate notification that will alert a nearby professional. Medical gas outlets are no exception, and can easily fit into virtually any layout that you may have. There are many different types of medical gas outlets, which means no size, shape, or type of gas outlet is beyond your reach. They are also far easier to order now than they have been in the past, with many medical supply companies displaying their stocks online in easy-to-read catalogs. 

For more information about installing or maintaining medical gas outlets in your medical building, contact a local outlet supply.