3 Important Warning Signs Of Depression

If you suffer from depression, you may not yet have a formal diagnosis. However, this doesn't mean that your symptoms don't affect your life on a daily basis. Individuals who suffer from depression may find that they experience the following: 

Persistent Apathy or Feelings of Emptiness

If you find that you are unable to care about activities you previously enjoyed, or that you're unable to experience fulfillment from personal relationships, you may be depressed. This apathy can be disturbing to experience, especially if you're used to enjoying hobbies or leisure activities and caring about those that you love. If you find that you're watching your days pass by, your bills pile up, and your life go on around you, but cannot find any motivation to change your life, you may be dealing with serious depression symptoms. 

Feelings of Hopelessness

If you find that you're feeling hopeless about your life, your job, or your family relationships, you may be suffering from depression. The illness can lead you to feel as if there's nothing worth living for, as if you'll be sad all the time, and as if there's nothing you can do to change your current situation. Feelings of hopelessness can cause serious social and emotional issues for individuals with depression, but treatment can help limit these symptoms. 

Severe Fatigue or Lack of Energy

Some individuals with depression find that they're unable to work up the energy to take care of daily activities. If you're finding it difficult to care for your children, cook healthy meals, or attend work, you may be suffering from depression. The disease can cause overwhelming feelings of fatigue and an ongoing lack of energy, making it difficult to take care of yourself and those that you love. If you're sleeping enough at night, but still can't find the motivation to get up and get going, it may be worth having an evaluation for depression. 

If you're suffering from the symptoms listed above, or persistent feelings of sadness that don't improve on their own, it may be time to seek help. An adult psychiatrist like one from Ghaly, Nasri - Ghaly Healing & Wellness Center will evaluate your symptoms and then work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. In some situations, talk therapy may be enough to treat your depression. In other situations, you may need medication and therapy to treat your depression symptoms. You don't have to suffer from fatigue, ongoing feelings of sadness, and apathy. A psychiatrist can help you find the help you need and deserve.