How To Sell Your Stair Lift

When you purchase a new stair lift for a loved one, you will most likely need to sell it at some point. Stair lifts are used an average of three years, but can last as long as ten years. Fortunately, you will be able to sell your stair lift to a third-party and you may also receive cash through the company's own buyback program.

Buyback Programs are the Most Convenient

With stair lift buyback programs, stair lifts that meet factory specifications are purchased again and refurbished so they can be brought back to the market at a lower cost. However, the stair lift will be inspected and if defects are found, the company may not purchase it. Then, you should contact a local recycling center to find out how you can have your used stair lift recycled.

Selling Online Gets You the Most Money

Listing your stair lift online can often get you a higher payout than using a buy back program, but selling the stair lift also requires more work and you may have to wait longer. The stair lift might not sell right away. Also, you will need to communicate with the buyer to negotiate a time and place to have the stair lift picked up. It may be impossible to sell your stair lift if you live in a rural location. The asking price for a used stair lift is usually half of the retail price of the stair lift. However, if you want to move your stair lift more quickly, you will need to price it lower. If the stair lift looks well-worn, you will need to lower its price.

Place an Ad In the Newspaper

Many who are in the market for stair lifts are not online, so you may need to use traditional offline methods such as placing an ad in the newspaper. Doing so can be as simple as filling out your personal information online and writing a brief description.

Include Plenty of Details to Increase Your Chances

Make sure that you take as many good pictures as possible and that you also describe the stair lift clearly. The purchaser will need to know on what side the railing is mounted, whether the railing is long enough, whether the track fits the stair width, and whether replacement parts can be purchased for the stair lift. The easiest stair lifts to sell are the straight stairs because they can be used under a broad range of stair cases, while the curved stair lifts are usually designed for a specific set of stairs. But if you are patient and if you provide all of the necessary details, you will be able sell your stair lift. 

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