Chair Covering Options For Lift Chair Recliners

Getting in and out of recliners is challenging or even impossible for some people. But thanks to lift chairs, older people, or those with disabilities, don't have to rely on others when using a recliner. These specialized devices, which feel and look like regular recliners, are designed to slowly lift or descend users into either a standing or sitting position, so they're uninjured. One of the major choices when selecting a lift chair is the type of covering the chair has. If you're in the market for a lift chair recliner, here are the primary options regarding chair coverings.


Breathability, which is a fabric's ability to let moisture vapor pass through a material, is a critical factor when choosing a covering for a lift chair. The longer someone sits in a lift chair, the more likely it is that air flow complications can occur. Determine if you or a loved one will be sitting in a lift chair recliner for an extended period of time. If so, you'll want a fabric covering. This is because fabric feels more comfortable against the skin than leather or vinyl does.

Fabric coverings may not be the best choice for stain resistance. On the other hand, the fabrics used in covering lift chairs are considerably more stain tolerant than those used in standard chairs. They come in a wide selection of stunning colors and include materials such as velvet, damask, chenille, jacquard and tapestry fabrics.


Leather is the most durable covering, as well as the one that creates the highest quality of prestige. It adds a classy look to any room. Also, leather is extremely easy to maintain, as all it requires is wiping it with a damp, clean cloth.

But choosing the right covering for your lift chair entails more than simply matching your furniture. Your most important consideration should be the physical comfort of the person who'll be using the chair. Leather can feel quite sticky, which can make you sweat more. Therefore, don't choose a leather chair if the person who'll be using it tends to perspire a lot.


Also known as faux-leather, vinyl does a good job of retaining heat. Even though it's not as breathable as fabric, it offers more breathability than leather. This material is also totally recyclable. Vinyl is better than fabric when it comes to preventing food and beverage stains. Nevertheless, today there are new synthetic fabrics that also work well for stain protection.  .


  • Leather is the most expensive type of covering.
  • Your most significant concern should be whether or not the user has an incontinence problem. Fabrics are made for shedding liquid spills, but they may not be treated for stains. The answer to this problem is found in using an absorbent bed pad.

The type of covering is only one choice you'll need to make when buying a lift chair recliner. Don't hesitate to let a home health care professional, or physical therapist, help you find just the right lift chair recliner.  You can also visit for more information.