3 Great Ways To Ease Your Allergy Symptoms

There's nothing more frustrating than going outside and being besieged by sneezing, coughing, itching, and watering eyes. Along with going to see an allergist in order to be prescribed some medication to help manage your symptoms, you might want to try some of these methods to ease your allergy symptoms.

1. Try a Nasal Rinse Pot

One of the common symptoms of suffering from allergies is to have your sinuses get blocked. This can be frustrating because it produces excruciating headaches until whatever is blocking your sinuses passes naturally. There's a way to speed up the process by which your sinuses get unblocked. If you can flush out your sinuses, then they'll be clear and your headache will subside. One way to do this is to use a nasal rinse pot. A nasal rinse pot looks like a teapot with slightly more covering the top of the pot so that the water doesn't fall out.

Once you have a nasal rinse pot, you make a combination of one cup warm water and one teaspoon of salt. You put the solution in the nasal rinse pot and then insert the spout of the nasal rinse pot into one of your nostrils. You then tilt the nasal rinse pot and your head so that the solution goes into your nose. This will travel to your sinuses and clear them out. Repeat with the other nostril.

2. Minimize the Pollen You Bring Into Your Home

Finally, every time you spend more than fifteen to twenty minutes outdoors, consider taking a hot shower. This will wash the pollen off your skin. Make sure that you scrub and rinse your hair in order to make sure that there is no pollen sticking to it. Take your shoes off before you come inside the house in order to make sure that you don't accidentally track pollen into your home. Finally, consider throwing up a sheet so that you can change into clothes that have not been touched by pollen before you go inside. You can bring in your outdoor clothes with a garbage bag and immediately put them into the washing machine.

3. Get Rid of the Pollen in the Air

Install a filter in order to get rid of any pollen that might come in through your air conditioner. Turn on its recirculate function to make sure that the air inside the home is regularly scrubbed.

For more ideas, talk to an allergist (such as one from http://www.oakbrookallergists.com). He or she will know of supplements that will help reinforce the properties of your allergy medications.