Hot Hearing Aid Fashion

Hearing aids have traditionally been the antithesis of trendy. You may see them as ugly, tan blobs that signal old age and the deterioration that accompanies it. In reality, hearing aids are life-enhancing equipment that people of all ages should embrace. Fortunately, manufacturers are creating attractive and even fun versions of hearing aids that make the wearer feel stylish instead of just old or impaired. You can now hear well and look great at the same time.

Music Visualizers

Some digital hearing aids look like a cutting-edge earring. The end goes into the ear canal while the rest extends downward, usually in a bar shape. They contain a small "music-visualizer" that creates a colorful graphic as the sound waves hit it, letting you and those around you "see" what you are hearing. If you are wearing one of these models, no one will be thinking "poor old person." Instead, people will want to know how to get their own.


A few models actually fit into the crest of the ear. This placement is more comfortable for some wearers who hate the feeling of their ear canal being clogged. They don't interfere with glasses or hairstyles, and, best of all, some come with a variety of snap-on patterns and colors, so you can change the look to suit your mood or match your outfits. Your hearing aid can be a stylish ear accessory that only cool kids wear.

Wireless Connections

Hearing aids can also use Bluetooth technology, making them an all-around sound device. You can connect these models to music players, televisions, and cell phones. This type of hearing aid is more of a total life aid, and they certainly do not appeal to an old-thinking generation. They are technologically hip and definitely on trend. You may need to hide them from the grandkids.

Of course, the hot new designs in hearing aids are not just for the more mature crowd. Hearing-impaired folks of all ages can enjoy the latest technology and truly contemporary look of these devices. Just as eyewear comes in countless styles and designs, now hearing aids are following suit, bringing in fresh looks to match the technological breakthroughs in the audiology field. For too long, people have been ashamed of wearing hearing aids, but that mindset is changing. Now if you need hearing help, you can get it and look great at the same time.

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