Tips For Putting In Your Contact Lenses For the First Time

Contact lenses are a wonderful alternative to glasses. They are more convenient, and depending on who you ask, more attractive. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people struggle with just getting them in their eyes. In fact, some people have such a hard time with getting them in that they opt for glasses instead.

Whether you've just gotten your first pair of contact lenses or are trying to decide if you can wear them or not, know that it is possible to get those lenses in! The key is to relax and not let your anxiety get the best of you. There are many helpful tips to consider as you attempt to put in those lenses the first few times.

Wash Your Hands First

If debris from your hands gets on your contact lenses, it can irritate your eyes. Make sure you wash your hands first, then dry them thoroughly. You don't want excess water on your hands since that can cause bacteria to flourish. If a contact lens is too dry to insert, use saline solution as a cleaner.

Use Your Dominant Hand

Whichever hand is dominant, that's the one you should use to put in each contact lens. You'll have better control and less shaking with the dominant hand, making it quicker and easier to get your lenses in.

It's also recommended that you place the lens on your index finger, since that typically tends to be the finger with which you have the most control and sensitivity

Don't Blink!

One of the biggest challenges new wearers of contact lenses often face is blinking at the very moment they try to insert their lenses. The easiest way to stop yourself from blinking is to, quite literally, force your eyelid open.

That sounds painful, but it's really not. While your dominant hand is busy putting the contact in place, use the other hand to pull your top eyelid upward. With any luck, you'll get the contact in on the first try so you can start blinking again. If it takes a few tries, give your eyelid a rest so your eyes don't water and become irritated, which can make it even harder to get your contact in.

Don't Use too Much Saline Solution

Finally, avoid using too much saline solution, or at the very least, getting the solution all over your fingers. If your fingers get too wet, the contact will likely stick, making it even harder (and more frustrating!) to get onto your eye.

If you do get too much solution or moisture on your finger, dry it off before trying again. 

Remember, it's natural to encounter a few struggles when you're first learning to insert and wear contacts, but don't give up! Before you know it, you'll be a pro, and you'll be enjoying all of the wonderful benefits of contact lenses.