Adult Day Care For Seniors With Disabilities: What Caregivers Need To Know

Being a caregiver for a senior with disabilities can be difficult. If your loved one has a severe physical or developmental disability, adult day care provides him or her a great opportunity for interaction with peers. It also gives you the chance to work, run errands or simply enjoy some time on your own without worrying about who is going to care for your loved one during the day. Here are a few things you need to know about this valuable service before choosing a day care center.

Community Activities

Many adult day care centers offer field trips during the day that help your loved one enjoy different activities within your community. Look for a program that includes community activities as part of their approach to care so your disabled senior can enjoy a sense of independence while having fun with peers. Some of the activities the day care center might offer include:

  • Trips to local shopping malls
  • Movie matinees
  • Visits to local horse farms or pumpkin patches
  • Trips to local museums

Meal Services

Some disabled seniors may have specific dietary needs, so make sure that the day care you choose can accommodate these dietary requirements. Ask if the center provides help with feeding if your loved one has difficulty holding silverware or struggles to self-feed. You'll rest easy knowing that your dependent is getting the nutrition and assistance needed even when you aren't there.

Day Activities

It is important to find a day care center that keeps its clients busy throughout the day. You'll want to know that your loved one isn't simply sitting in front of a television or looking out of a window while you are away. Senior day activities, including crafts, bingo and dancing, can help your dependent to get valuable social interaction while staying active during the day. Take a tour of the day care facility before signing up so you can see for yourself what types of activities the seniors engage in while away from home.

Mobility And Medical Assistance

Depending on your loved one's disability, he or she may need help with toileting, transitioning to and from a chair or taking medications. Your adult day care center for disabled seniors should have trained staff who can help with mobility and medical issues. If your dependent wears diapers, make sure that the center has a protocol in place for changing and cleaning so you can be sure of your loved one's comfort and hygiene while you are away.

For more information, contact Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc. or a similar company.