Things You Should Know About Ultrasound Liposuction Before You Undergo The Procedure

Ultrasound technology is used for addressing various medical conditions. It is now being used by plastic surgeons at places like Plastic Surgery Innovation PC to help you lose unwanted fat via ultrasound liposuction. Ultrasound liposuction mixes the fats with a special fluid to aid easy removal. Even as you desire to have this procedure done, there are things you should know about ultrasound liposuction before you undergo the procedure. Note that it is not a cure for obesity. It also cannot remove stretch marks or cellulite. Two types of techniques are used in removing fatty tissue from underneath your skin.

Internal Ultrasonic Liposuction

Your plastic surgeon will explain how the procedure is performed. Surgeons generally point out that a canula tube is inserted into the fatty site where fat will be suctioned from during an internal ultrasonic liposuction. The canula tube plays several roles in the process. You will learn from the surgeon that the tube channels the flow of special fluid that is used to mix the fats. It also transmits ultrasonic vibrations and heat. All of this activity breaks down and transforms the fats into an oily substance that is vacuum-suctioned through the canula tube.

External Ultrasonic Liposuction

If you undergo an external ultrasonic liposuction, there is no internal piercing of your skin. Industry experts say that ultrasonic vibrations are used over metal paddles to break down the fats. Scientific research reportedly assesses that this type of fat removal doesn't really remove fat from your body. The research information further notes that external liposuction is rarely used, because it is ineffective in removing the fats. Be sure that your procedure will be performed by a licensed plastic surgeon. It's very unlikely that your licensed surgeon will use the external ultrasonic liposuction method, since all it does is break down the fats.

You can discuss this issue with your surgeon if you want to know more about it. Perhaps you may want to store the fats for another procedure you may be needing in the future. In that case, you can express this desire to your surgeon. Just be sure that you are not having an external ultrasound liposuction believing that the fats will be removed from your body once they are emulsified.

Costs Vary Depending On Where You Live

It's a good idea to discuss the costs involved for ultrasound liposuction. Techniques used in your particular procedure will determine what you will pay to have this procedure done. One website quotes $5,200 as the price for a vaser liposuction. In most cases, you'll find out that charges for plastic surgery vary depending on the city you live in.