Using Natural Ways To Treat Neck Pain By Letting Go Of Stress That Foments Your Neck Pain

Stress is responsible for neck pain that perhaps would go away if you could simply calm down and let go of problems that you may feel are insurmountable. Here's the thing though. Worrying will not solve any of your problems, but there are natural ways to get rid of stiffness and neck pain.

Stiffness And Neck Pain Due To Stress

Neck stiffness and pain causes you to lose control of your emotions while introducing nerve tension. Muscles tighten as your stress level increases. That's a physical component that results from mental and emotional stress, which does trigger terrible neck pain. Hormonal releases also add to your condition.

Hormones Tightens Muscles And Irritate Nerves 

Your neck pain is also triggered by hormones including cortisol and adrenaline. They prepare your body for a reaction to emotional distress. Those hormones cause tension that tighten your muscle and irritate your nerves. Blood supply for muscles also decreases in the interim.

Lack Of Blood Supply Triggers Pain And Tension

Tense muscles within your body decreases without good blood supply. Pain is not far behind. That pain causes your muscles to become even more tense. You can alleviate neck pain by adopting some natural ways to prevent the pain and associated stiffness that cause you so much discomfort. Adopting proper posture is a good start.

Proper Posture At All Times

You must assume proper posture at all times and do so while you are standing, while seated, walking or lying in bed. In the latter case, you should acquire comfortable pillows to rest on while sleeping. For the other activities mentioned, therapists recommend that your ears must align over your shoulders in order to support your neck. That also is important when you are seated before your computer.

Posture When Working On Your Computer

  • Never bend your spine while seated before the computer. Sit with your back straight up and ensure good lower back support too.
  • Do not push your head forward as you work on the screen. Position the screen at your eye level.
  • Take frequent breaks away from the computer and do some neck stretching exercises during break time.


  • Lean and twist your neck toward your right shoulder and hold for five seconds. Repeat this activity four times. Repeat this same exercise but twist neck toward your left shoulder this time.
  • Still standing with your back straight up, bend your head and chin toward chest. Hold the position for five seconds. Repeat the activity four times.
  • Bend your head backward and again hold for five seconds. Repeat the exercise four times.
  • Stand straight and twist your head as far as you can tolerate this stretch toward right shoulder. Hold for five seconds. Repeat four times. Do this same exercise by twisting your head toward your left shoulder.

All of your stiffness and neck pain will disappear once you've completed the exercises.