The Benefits Of Choosing A Family Doctor For Your Primary Care Physician

A family doctor is one that treats patients throughout the life span and doesn't focus simply on pediatrics or gerontology. As you consider the type of doctor to use for your children, it's important to take into consideration the benefits of having a family doctor that can treat every member of your family. While you may be worried that a pediatrician is more skilled to take care of your children because they specialize in children, there is no cause for alarm. Family doctors know what they are doing and are well trained in caring for those of any age. In addition, family doctors are going to send you or your child to a specialist when complex problems arise, as would a pediatrician.

Family Doctors See Patients of Any Age

When you have a family doctor, you can establish the family doctor as your primary care physician and the primary care doctor of your children. This makes going to appointments easier, as you can schedule appointments for you and your children to be one after the other. While you won't want to bring your child to your physical, there's no reason you can't be seen for a bad cough right after your child gets their yearly shots. Having the same doctor makes it easier on the parent who does most of the scheduling for appointments.

They Can Treat Multiple Generations in One Family

When more than one generation of a family is seen by a family doctor, this can make it possible for the doctor to see familial trends. It may be easier to pinpoint common medical conditions, and the doctor will be able to gather an extensive family history from a unique perspective.

They Can Get Your Own Prescription Filled at a Visit for Your Child

If you are at a visit for your child and you forgot to ask for a prescription refill at your last visit, you can get it filled at your child's visit. While you don't want to make a habit of crossing over care appointments from you to your child, it's no big deal to ask for a refill.

Your Children Can Have a Continuity of Care

When you choose a family doctor for your children, they never have to stop seeing the doctor until they choose to. There's no need to switch once your child hits adulthood, making for a better continuity of care over their lifetime.

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