Spinal Compression Fractures: A Quick Look At The Likely Causes

Even though back problems are easily one of the most prevalent complaints patients have where musculoskeletal pain is concerned, spinal compression fractures can sometimes be the cause. This condition is commonly wrongly associated with other ailments by sufferers and even sometimes missed in initial x-rays and scans because of the nature of the fracture. If you commonly experience moderate to severe back pain, it is worth the effort to talk to your doctor to ensure spinal compression fractures are not the problem. Take a look at these common causes of spinal compression fractures to determine if there is a possibility that this is your problem. 

Osteoporosis - Of all of the common causing factors of spinal compression fractures, osteoporosis is the most likely. Osteoporosis changes the density of the bones throughout the body, including the spine. This change in bone structure makes them more brittle and weak, and, therefore, they cannot withstand the usual amount of pressure as they once did. If you already have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or if you believe you are at risk, there is a chance that your back pain could indeed be radiating from spinal compression fractures and this is an issue that you need to discuss openly with your physician just to be sure.

Cancer - Some forms of cancer weaken the bones, but also, some forms of cancer treatment are known to cause weakened and brittle bones. If you have ever been diagnosed with cancer, specifically cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow like multiple myeloma, and underwent treatment, there is a chance that it has affected the density of the bones in your spine, which could lead to spinal compression fractures. In some cases, the diagnosis of spinal compression fractures actually leads to the discovery that a patient has cancer as well. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you don't let severe back pain go unnoticed for long periods of time before talking to your doctor. 

Spinal Trauma - Spinal trauma is the lesser known cause of spinal compression fractures, but still a cause just the same. The reason spinal trauma is the less likely cause of this form of fracture is because it can take a substantial amount of force to the spine to cause these compression fractures to occur. However, automobile accidents and falls from great heights are examples of situations that could come with enough force to cause a spinal compression fracture.

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