How Lasers Are Used To Remove Varicose Veins

Unless your varicose veins are severe or have medical complications, you probably won't need surgery to treat them. Instead, you can go to a doctor or clinic that provides varicose vein services and undergo an office procedure. There are a few different ways to treat varicose veins depending on how deep they are. When they are close to the surface, laser treatments are often the best choice. Here's how lasers are used to treat varicose veins:

Lasers Work Through The Surface Of Your Skin

The biggest advantage of laser treatments for varicose veins is that you don't need an incision as long as the veins are close enough to the surface of your skin. The doctor can pass the laser over your skin and the light penetrates into the affected vein. When the laser hits the vein, it causes damage that destroys it, but the vein isn't obliterated immediately. Instead, the laser causes it to gently shrivel and fade away. It may take a few weeks before you see results from a laser treatment and you may need more than one treatment. Because there is no incision, there is no prolonged recovery time. You can go about your usual activities after the treatment.

Internal Lasers Can Also Be Used

If you have large or deep varicose veins, the surface laser treatment won't be able to help. Your doctor can use the laser internally instead. This involves making an incision in your leg so a laser fiber can be inserted directly into the vein. The laser zaps the vein causing it to die and be absorbed by your body over a period of weeks. This type of varicose vein removal is easier to endure than vein stripping and the recovery time is quicker.

You'll receive a local anesthetic for the procedure, so it won't be painful. After the treatment, you'll wear compression stockings as directed by your doctor. You may not need a second laser treatment when you have it done internally. Your doctor may perform an ultrasound of your leg to check the status of the vein after several weeks to see if another treatment is necessary.

Laser vein removal treatments are fairly quick and easy to go through, so if you're embarrassed by the appearance of your legs, then talk to a doctor to see if laser treatments will work for you. If they won't, your doctor has other treatment options to try that may not be as convenient as a laser, but can still help your varicose veins.