Four Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Just like anything else, your hearing aids are going to need regular cleanings. Not only is this needed for proper functioning, but since your hearing aids are exposed to the natural oils and wax in your ears, they can get dirty fairly quickly. Here are four tips to help you properly clean them:

  1. Clean Every Day: First off, you need to get in a routine of cleaning your hearing aids every day whether that is in the morning or at night before you go to bed. This is going to prevent wax from building up inside of the components of the hearing aids and potentially clogging critical parts that are needed for you to hear as best as you possibly can. Keep in mind that cleaning the hearing aids in the morning is going to be easier since the wax has had time to harden overnight, so it's easier to remove with a simple wipe. You should definitely consider using wipes specially designed for cleaning hearing aids. You can most likely purchase these through your audiologist or at a pharmacy. 
  2. Clean the Tube: The tube that attaches to your hearing aid is also going to need to be cleaned. You need a special tool to do this that should be provided by an audiologist, like Audiology Consultants, P.C. If you ever lose this tool, request a new one instead of attempting to use anything else. You should also have a tube blower to remove moisture that has built up inside of the tube. 
  3. Store Safely at Night: At night, you should be opening the battery doors to allow air flow through the device. You should also be storing the hearing aids inside of a dehumidifying case, which you will want to receive through your audiologist or the manufacturer of your hearing aids. These cases are also going to help remove moisture trapped inside of the device. 
  4. Keep Hearing Aids Cool: Whenever you need to remove the hearing aids, such as when you go swimming, you will want to store them in a container that is kept in the shade. This is going to prevent overheating and moisture buildup while you are enjoying your time in the pool. Always take your hearing aids out when swimming even if you don't plan on putting your head under the water. 

When you consider these four tips for properly cleaning your hearing aids, you can be sure that you avoid major damages in the future since you will be keeping your hearing aids in good condition.