Steps To Pursue When You Experience A Chiropractic Issue After Business Hours

When you're a chiropractic patient, you likely have a series of regular appointments set up for adjustments, whether it's once a week, twice a week, or some other interval. In many cases, if you experience minor discomfort between appointments, you can either wait for your next appointment or even consider seeing if there's an opening in the meantime. However, it can be a serious issue if you experience a back issue over the weekend — perhaps a slipped disc that is preventing you from walking or even lying down. In such a scenario, there are a few steps that you can pursue.

Seek Urgent Care

Some urgent care centers, but not all of them, can offer chiropractic services for patients. This means that if you experience a chiropractic issue when your chiropractor's office is closed, you may wish to contact one or more urgent care centers in your community to determine if this type of care is available. If so, you can travel to the facility to meet with a chiropractor who can assess the issue and perform the necessary adjustments to your body to relieve your pain until you can get in to see your own chiropractor.

Look For Emergency Clinics

While lots of chiropractic clinics operate around set hours, there are some that can deal with emergency cases. For example, you might find a clinic that is open for a few hours each day of the weekend and takes drop-in appointments for people who are in considerable pain and need an adjustment. Do some research online to find the nearest clinic that is set up in this manner, and make a visit.

Call Your Own Chiropractor

Check your own chiropractor's website to learn about his or her approach to emergencies. Even if your chiropractor has set hours, he or she may have information online that details how you should proceed if you're in extreme pain. Some chiropractors provide a phone number that you can use to get in touch with them after regular business hours. If you call this number, your chiropractor may be able to meet you at the clinic later the same day. In other cases, if the chiropractor cannot assist you, he or she can refer you to a colleague who can. Whatever route you pursue, you can take comfort in knowing that if your back issue gets worse over the weekend, you won't have to endure severe pain until the chiropractor's office opens on Monday morning.

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