Common Causes Of Low Testosterone In Younger Men

Hypogonadism (low testosterone) is a common condition for men once they get beyond a certain age. As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline and small interferences can cause those levels to drop even lower than what's considered healthy. However, even though low testosterone is an issue for mostly older men, even younger men can have problems with low testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, younger men are oftentimes so unsuspecting that testosterone is the issue that they may never seek treatment and will continue to struggle with symptoms quietly. Take a look at some of the reasons younger men can have lower than usual testosterone levels and may be good candidates for hormone replacement therapy

Some men experience low Testosterone because of other medications

Low testosterone can be directly linked with certain types of medications. For example, men who are on a regular regimen of methadone as part of a medication-assisted treatment program for opioid addiction may have issues with testosterone levels being too low. Likewise, men who have a history of opiate abuse can have issues with testosterone production as well. If you are having symptoms of low testosterone, it is well worth it to closely examine whatever medications you may be taking that could be causing a problem. There may be some adjustments a doctor can make to help deter the problems, such as switching your medication to something that is less likely to cause an issue. 

Men can have low Testosterone issues due to prior testicular surgery or injury

Men who have sustained an injury to their testicles or had prior surgery on their testicles due to something like testicular cancer can also be prone to having problems with low testosterone. The testes are directly responsible for the production of testosterone. Therefore, if the testes are damaged, it can interfere with a man's natural ability to produce testosterone. Most men who undergo any type of testicular surgery at a young age should automatically talk to their doctor to determine if testosterone replacement therapy is necessary. 

Younger men can develop low Testosterone if they are overweight

Obesity is linked to a long list of health problems for men, but most men have no idea that being overweight can also affect their testosterone levels. Additionally, men who are obese can have more issues with problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and unstable blood sugar level, all of which can interfere with testosterone production.