Six Reasons Why It’s Important To Have A Vaccine Validation System

It's becoming increasingly important for organizations to have a vaccine validation system they can rely on to determine if an individual has been vaccinated. The following are six reasons why it's important to have a vaccine validation system. 

Counterfeit vaccine cards can easily be produced

The standard CDC vaccination cards that have been given out thus far are simple pieces of cardstock paper. They are easy to reproduce, and a market for counterfeit cards has already sprung up online.

This makes a validation system important for really being certain that an individual has been vaccinated. Vaccination cards alone really can't be regarded as certain proof that an individual has been vaccinated. 

Covid-19 infections continue to rise in many parts of the country

The fact that Covid-19 infections are continuing to rise in some areas shows that the pandemic is unfortunately not yet going away. For the time being, vaccination status is likely to remain an important issue for allowing individuals access to public and commercial facilities. 

Some individuals have shown strong opposition to vaccination efforts

There have been protests around the globe organized by groups of people who do not wish to be vaccinated. This shows that there are many people who don't want to get vaccinated and who would potentially be tempted to misrepresent their vaccination status.

Since some individuals have a clear motivation to not get vaccinated, it's important to have a vaccine validation system. 

Vaccine validation systems can indicate not only if but also when an individual was vaccinated

An individual's date of vaccination is becoming increasingly important when it comes to determining their degree of immunity to Covid-19. This is especially true given the fact that some studies have shown that the effectiveness of certain vaccines decreases over time.

A vaccine validation system could show the date that an individual was vaccinated. In the future, this can help to determine if that individual is due for any booster shots. 

Vaccination cards can be lost

Many vaccinated individuals have already lost their vaccination cards and are now struggling to find a method of verifying that they have been vaccinated.

A vaccine validation system can make it so that vaccinated individuals who have lost their card can still enjoy the benefits of being vaccinated when it comes to accessing public spaces. 

Vaccination offers a powerful tool in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

Medical authorities agree that vaccination is likely to be the most powerful tool to have against the pandemic. Showing your thoroughness when it comes to checking on vaccination status with a validation system is important for demonstrating that you are dedicated to protecting the public from Covid-19. 

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