Non-Surgical Fat Removal Using Cold Temperatures Removes Pockets Of Fat To Give You A Shapelier Look

If you'd like to trim your body so you feel confident on vacation or just to lounge around the pool, you might want to consider a non-surgical fat removal procedure. Unlike liposuction that requires an incision and recovery period, non-surgical fat removal is a quick procedure that requires no downtime. A popular treatment for removing pockets of fat uses cold temperatures to freeze your fat cells. Here's how this fat removal treatment works.

Fat Cells Freeze And Die Quicker Than Other Cells

The reason cold temperatures can destroy fat cells without harming other tissues in your body is that fat cells freeze at lower temperatures. You don't have to worry about muscle, nerve, or vessel damage at all.

Instead, when your fat pocket is pulled into a device that administers cold temperatures, only the fat cells crystallize and die. Then your body slowly absorbs the damaged cells, and as it does so, your fat pocket disappears over the course of several weeks.

The Procedure Isn't Painful To Undergo

You can work on your tablet while you're taking the treatment and go back to the office once the treatment is over because there is no need for downtime. However, you might have some swelling and discomfort for a short while after the treatment.

This type of non-surgical fat removal isn't painful, but it can be uncomfortable. At the beginning of the treatment when the cold temperatures are first applied, you might be uncomfortable until the coldness makes you numb. At the end of the treatment, mild discomfort might return as sensation comes back in your tissues. Plus, you're given a massage at the end that breaks up fat tissue, so that might add a bit to the discomfort.

The Destroyed Fat Cells Don't Come Back

You may get the results you want from a single fat removal treatment, but if not, you might want to undergo a second treatment. Once the fat cells are gone, they don't come back since they are killed and removed by your body.

However, if you can't keep your weight stable, nearby fat cells may get bigger and ruin the appearance of your fat removal treatment. For that reason, it's a good idea to make sure your weight is stable before you have any type of fat removal treatment. Using cold temperatures to destroy fat cells is considered permanent. When you compare fat removal procedures, keep this in mind since some procedures may not kill the fat cells, and if not, the fat might come back if you gain weight.