Tips For Putting In Your Contact Lenses For the First Time

Contact lenses are a wonderful alternative to glasses. They are more convenient, and depending on who you ask, more attractive. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people struggle with just getting them in their eyes. In fact, some people have such a hard time with getting them in that they opt for glasses instead. Whether you've just gotten your first pair of contact lenses or are trying to decide if you can wear them or not, know that it is possible to get those lenses in! Read More 

Hot Hearing Aid Fashion

Hearing aids have traditionally been the antithesis of trendy. You may see them as ugly, tan blobs that signal old age and the deterioration that accompanies it. In reality, hearing aids are life-enhancing equipment that people of all ages should embrace. Fortunately, manufacturers are creating attractive and even fun versions of hearing aids that make the wearer feel stylish instead of just old or impaired. You can now hear well and look great at the same time. Read More 

How To Prevent Varicose Veins If You Are A Nurse

An estimated 60% of Americans will face varicose veins at some point. Varicose veins are bluish cords that that commonly form in the legs and feet. If you are a nurse, you have a higher risk since you spend long periods of time on your feet. Here are some tips for nurses to prevent varicose veins in the legs. Wear the Right Shoes Investing in a good pair of nursing shoes is essential to prevent varicose veins. Read More 

Two Tips For Clearing Hair Out Of Your Hearing Aid

If you have a deficiency in hearing, you'll only be able to live a normal life with a fully functioning hearing aid. While most hearing aids are made to last with quality materials and first rate craftsmanship, you'll always need to be concerned with loose head hairs penetrating the machine. To ensure that you completely rid your hearing aid of loose hairs with a minimum amount of effort, pay attention to these two tips. Read More 

Three Exercises That Will Strengthen The Arches Of Your Feet

Strong arches are important for a number of reasons. When your arches are strong, your foot absorbs the impact of walking or running more effectively, reducing your risk of injuries like shin splints and IT band syndrome. Strong arches also allow you to walk or run for longer without fatigue, and they are less likely to develop plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue in the bottom of your foot. Read More