Fighting The Flu? Visit The Walk-In Clinic For Treatment

Do you believe you might have the flu? If you are displaying certain symptoms that are commonly associated with the flu, but you are unable to get an appointment with your primary physician, you could always visit the walk-in clinic to receive a diagnosis. It is better to know if you have the flu and get medication to treat the symptoms of it than to continue feeling uncomfortable and sick because of it. Read More 

Diagnosed With Basilar Invagination? You May Also Have Sleep Apnea! Here’s What You Need To Know

Being diagnosed with basilar invagination can be quite unsettling, to say the least. According to research, 88% of patients with basilar invagination experienced sleep apnea in a study. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a sleep study done as soon as possible after a diagnosis of basilar invagination. Here's why a sleep study is important and what treatments are available for both basilar invagination and sleep apnea. What is the connection between basilar invagination and sleep apnea? Read More 

A Look At The Common Job Responsibilities Of A 24-Hour Patient Care Case Manager

If you have a larger medical facility, there can be many professionals who deserve a place in your workforce, but there is one employee position that often gets overlooked as a necessity: a 24-hour patient care case manager. These skilled professionals are well versed in many areas of medical administration and medical care, but they have a very exact set of skills and responsibilities that come in handy in a medical facility setting. Read More 

3 Fast Facts About Acute Sinusitis

The sinuses are an important part of your health and wellness. This connected series of hollow cavities are located in the cheeks and forehead and between the eyes of the skull. Most experts are not entirely sure the real purpose of sinuses, but they are essential for moving, cleaning and humidifying the air that you breathe. Unfortunately, irritants, allergens, and viruses can cause inflammation of the sinuses. Known as sinusitis, this condition can cause discomfort and pain. Read More 

How To Treat Proptosis Caused by Graves’ Disease

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that sees a lot of proptosis cases. Proptosis causes your eyeballs to protrude or appear bulging from your eye socket. It can affect one or both of your eyes. Common symptoms include conjunctivitis and corneal dryness. However, this condition is usually a sign of some other health problem. Read on to find out how to treat proptosis caused by Graves' Disease. Understand How This Disease Affects Your Thyroid Gland Read More