Would You Pay For Crooked Teeth? The Japanese Yaeba Trend

For many people in the U.S. and other western countries, crooked teeth are embarrassing. People spend thousands of dollars attempting to correct crooked teeth and get that "perfect" smile. A growing trend in Japanese dentistry does exactly the opposite. The "yaeba" or "double tooth" in Japanese is a cosmetic dentistry trend that actually makes teeth appear less perfect by simulating crooked, protruding canine teeth.  The New York Daily News reports that this procedure has become extremely popular among young women and adolescent girls. Read More 

3 Factors That Affect The Timing Of Labor

As many women approach the end of their pregnancies they excitedly wait to meet their babies. In many cases the mother wonders if she will go into labor before or after her due date. There is no way to predict exactly what time the baby will come. Every woman's body is so different. But there are some factors that will contribute to the timing of labor. Here are 3 factors that will affect labor. Read More 

Improve Your Dental Practice With A Digital X-Ray Machine

Make your practice appeal to patients of all ages by giving it the upper edge when it comes to running efficiently. A digital x-ray machine that produces 3-dimensional images can give you the results that you have been looking for. Taking x-rays will be simple and efficient. You will receive instant results, and there will be no guessing when it comes to determining the condition of a patient's teeth. Read on to learn how these machines can help you out on a daily basis. Read More 

Easy (And Inexpensive) Ways To Heal The Scar After Mole Removal

Having a mole removed isn't an uncommon procedure, but it can leave behind a scar that's distressing. Over-the-counter products designed to reduce the appearance of scars can be expensive. If you'd rather try an inexpensive product to reduce the appearance of your scar, read more. Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter Both shea butter and cocoa butter contain natural fats that soften skin and encourage the growth of collagen, which healthy skin needs. Read More 

3 Facts That Every Patient Should Know About Breast Reconstruction

If your physician has recommended a mastectomy, it is important to consider what your options will be for maintaining the appearance of your breasts. Fortunately, modern techniques allow you to restore the appearance, size and even the texture of your breast tissue.  If only one breast has been removed, for best results, additional surgical procedures may be necessary. For instance, getting a breast lift or reduction on the opposite side will help you achieve a more consistent appearance. Read More